Audio Maestro Editor Pack

Audio Maestro Editor Pack

Audio Maestro is a powerful, comprehensive software that offers...

Audio Maestro is a powerful, comprehensive software that offers solutions to almost all problems related audio function. You can extract pieces of music from audio CDs, save them into a variety of audio formats including MP3, and/or create a new CD only with music of your choice.

Also, you can convert music into audio format that you desire or create a music CD using Audio Maestro. You can make audio CD from cassette or vinyl with removing noise such as clicks, pops, and hiss.

In addition, you can edit several audio files simultaneously using various audio effects and filters and save them with ease. AM records ALL sounds coming from a computer including "streaming audio".

It consists of the following five independent applications. [CD-DA Extractor] - not included in this pack Extracts and stores music from audio CDs Supports CD-DB, Normalizing, Fade in/out, Adjust silence, Equalizer, 3D effect, etc.

[File Converter]] - not included in this pack Converts audio file formats Supports 15 kinds of audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, and Real Audio[Sound Editor] Edits sounds freely like edits texts in word-processor Records sound(Timer, VAS, and Auto-track Recording) from analog source Removes noise, clicks, and pops Supports various effects and filters including amplify, vibrato, reverse, stretch, remove vocal, and FFT Supports frequency analysis[CD Writer] Makes not only audio CDs, but also Data CDs Supports Normalizing, Multi-session, Multi-recording, Burn-proof, Image recording, Playing before recording, etc.

Saves / Loads recording information[Recorder] What You Hear is What You Get! If it comes out of the speaker, you can record it as high quality MP3, WMA, WAV - including streaming audio; Also record sounds from microphone and line-in port Supports Auto recording level, Audio sensor, File processor, Recording scheduler, Recording volume booster, Changing recording file by one-click, etc.

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Audio Maestro Editor Pack


Audio Maestro Editor Pack

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